How the Dream Began


Rowing, like sport in general, is not limited to results, but has the ultimate goal of achieving certain objectives. And for many athletes, on the way there, the acquisition of sports skills is taken into account, but also the maximization of motivation and resilience required.

With a company, the course to achieve such results is no less demanding. In fact, for both an athlete and a company, defining clear objectives, which are essential aid in analyzing where they are currently and where they should or want to go, and sharing experiences and emotions with the public, promoting the union and cooperation, are key points in building a successful path.

Ave Rowing Boats, formally started in 2016, but it was a project developed a long time ago, as a result of the will of it’s partners with more than 20 years’ experience in the sport of Rowing.

Ave’s mission is to develop high quality rowing boats and help developing rowing worldwide and to bring even more great athletes to this fabulous sport. Our boats are made by rowers for rowers, and this help us a lot to understand athletes, to look at details, to improve and develop new approaches to Rowing Boats.

Working with us we have the best employees with high experience in composite materials, providing the best quality that the rowing boats can have.

Why AVE?


Firstly because it is the name of the River of our hometown (Vila do Conde), where we learn to row and spend hours thinking, evolving and making this project happen.

Additionally the name (Ave is the Portuguese word for bird) symbolises movement, freedom and grace of a Bird that are sensations that we want our boats to provide to their users, and that’s why we say “Come fly with us”.